We could supply the surface treatment  service for 3d Printing or CNC Machining Rapid Prototypes such as polished, transparent surface, translucent surface, paint, rubber oil, sand blasting,silk an additional option to wire drawing, oxidation, electroplating.

          • Sanding and Polishing 

            Manual work to polish very skilled, to do the perfect details

          • Assembly

            Assembling, Sticking, screwing, years of experience in the industry, our re-process treatment team

          • Customers provide the international color Pantone card or color template, we can mix

          • Silkscreen-Printing

            Customers provide the CDRW  or UG files to us, flexible character types or color

          • UV coating

            We have some long-term cooperation factores complete the good job

          • Electroplating

            We choose the best service and quality from our cooperated factories 

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