Plastic Injection Molding


          What is Injection molding


          Injection molding is a method for the production of industrial products. Other products commonly used in rubber injection molding and plastic injection molding. It can be divided into injection molding and die casting method. The method of mould. Injection molding machine is plastics molding equipment of thermoplastic or thermosetting material using plastic mold made of various the shape of the injection molding by injection molding machine and mold.




          Advantages of injection molding


          Plastic injection molding is great for large volumes. For smaller sizes, we might recommend other services, such as CNC machining, vacuum casting or 3D printing according to the needs of your project

          With thousands of different types of plastic raw material to choose, for a wide range of industrial, mechanical and cosmetic properties

          Your part can have excellent surface quality in a wide range of polished and textured finish

          Injection molding can be done with a combination of different types of plastic parts. This is ideal for lightweight parts that are immune to corrosion

          Thousands of parts can be obtained from a single die tool


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