Low-Volume Manufacturing


          What is Vacuum casting?

          A reliable method for making a small-volume of high quality prototypes based on a silicone mould and master model. This method is generally used for plastic samples used in engineering testing, proof-of-concept, sales and products display.


          Vacuum casting Technology

          Vacuum casting technology is the use of the prototype (rapid prototype, CNC model) to produce silicone mold in a vacuum, and casting with the PU material under vacuum condition, then cloned copies of the same product prototype. This technology can apply to change the product prototype material, assembly or prototype small batch production and so on, to meet the performance test in the process of product development, market promotion, inspection, examination and approval requirements.


          Advantages of vacuum injection mold

          A set of rapid tooling can produce 20~30 sets of products

          The surface of the product is fine, which can meet the needs of the design verification, the structure test and so on

          Compared to the traditional small batch production after the opening, the cost dropped more than 70%


          application area

          Due to the low precision and resolution of VCM vacuum injection molding process, it is suitable for the molding of small plastic parts, which is suitable for the requirements of simple test and conceptual design


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